Year: 2022

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities   In extension to the formal academic training, school lays an equal emphasis on developing and grooming various creative and literary skills in the students.   Debate & Drama Students tend to perform in a number of Debates and Elocution Competitions both in Hindi and English conducted during the year. Short plays […]

Ethical Values

Ethical Values Through programs of community service, exposure to real life situations and lively discussions, the following higher humane values are imbibed in the students: Truthfulness, honesty, non-violence, forgiveness, and self-restraint Concern and respect for fellow beings Capacity to make independent and ethical decisions based on an objective analysis of information Awareness on the rights […]

Communication and Cooperation

Communication and Cooperation Development of competence in an effective articulation of one’s views on various topics and the spirit of cooperation is done through team activities such as: Group discussions on a variety of topics from social to scientific issues Team activities e.g. literary, computer and hobby clubs, and Regular competitions in academics, games, music, […]

Scientific Temper

Scientific Temper Frequent interactive and motivational sessions are conducted in the class and outside to instil: Inquisitiveness and boldness to ask questions “how and why” for a conceptual understanding of what the students listen, read and see Habit of keen observation and creative thinking to arrive at rational conclusions A balanced appreciation of modern science […]


Health Students are made conscious of the need for a positive health through: Periodical health checkups and the necessary follow-up action Cleanliness of ambience, body and mind. Regular Yoga practice for health body and mind, elevated awareness and sharp memory Information on balanced nutritive diet, and Compulsory participation in games and sports