Education in the real sense should lead to an integrated and harmonious evolution of an individual. The present education system accentuates primarily on the academic excellence of the child but not focuses enough on providing all round education which is far ahead of mere cramming bookish knowledge or achieving grades.
The shortcomings of the present education system clearly point to a purposeful indigenous system to create the right type of environment, provide strong motivation and impart appropriate training aiming at a wholesome development of an individual. As responsible citizens of this country it is our duty to work towards overcoming these lacunae. Having a strong urge to serve the society, a group of intellectuals and illustrious thinkers came together to give life to their thought named Vidya Niket.
Apart from implementing a vigorous academic curriculum, Vidya Niket gives prominence to developing the following traits in its students:
  • Lateral Thinking, Creativity and Inquisitiveness.
  • Leadership, Cooperation, Team Spirit and Resource Sharing Aptitude.
  • Self-dependence and Decision Making Capabilities
  • Social and Moral Values
  • Interpersonal and Communication skills.
We are confident enough that with the necessary experience and required resources at our disposal, we will surely transform our students into individuals useful not only to the society and the country but also to humanity as a whole.